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WCJB TV20 Interview – AGTC Expansion

Source: WCJB TV20

WCJB TV 20 recently interviewed Concept Companies’ CEO Brian Crawford and Sue Washer, President and CEO of AGTC, about the expansion of AGTC in Alachua, Florida.

“The fact that they’ve chosen Alachua with their first building and to expand with their second building is truly the strength of our ecosystem, the strength of what our state has to offer, and we’re looking forward to many more companies growing in this area and also potentially relocating in this area.” – Brian Crawford, CEO, Concept Companies

“Processes that we’re using have to be compliant because we’ll be manufacturing materials that will be used in clinical trials and eventually to treat human beings who have certain deficiencies. So you have to be very careful and stringent in the quality control and the type of manufacturing…” – Sue Washer, President & CEO, AGTC





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