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Concept Companies announces upcoming development of “Momentum Labs”

Concept Companies has announced the first facility for its new venture, Momentum Labs. The flagship location will be based in the heart of North Florida’s bustling biotech cluster in Alachua, FL. Momentum Labs’ will provide turnkey facilities for promising early-stage biotech companies through the development of fully furnished and equipped laboratories with flexible lease terms. Launching Momentum Labs is a sign of tangible progress in the region, as the area continues to build credibility and leadership for bolstering critical research and innovation, particularly in the biotech space.

“Momentum Labs is the natural next step for companies graduating from incubators like the Sid Martin Biotech that need a little more time before making a significant investment into custom lab space and equipment,” stated Brian Crawford, CEO of Concept Companies.  Momentum Labs will provide a much-needed interim step for Sid Martin graduates as their growth progresses, also allowing Sid Martin to rotate business in and out more quickly, and promoting a stronger life science ecosystem in the region.”

Momentum Labs will be a state-of-the-art facility with dedicated staff who provide services similar to what companies in biotech incubators have become accustomed to while concurrently tailoring services to better fit recent incubator graduates moving toward commercialization.

“Momentum Labs is perfectly positioned to support research organizations during an important period in their growth cycle,” Mark Long, Director of Incubation Services at University of Florida. “We look forward to collaborating with Momentum Labs in the years to come.”

Momentum is movement that is being propelled forward, and Momentum Labs is aptly named as it represents the rapid progression that is occurring within North Florida’s vibrant research community.

Phase One of Momentum Labs new flagship facility is expected to be between 50,000 and 60,000 square feet, with potential expansion up to 120,000 in Alachua and the potential for additional locations critical to the ecosystem in North Florida. The building is expected to reach completion by Summer 2022.

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