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Concept Companies to collaborate with Merrie Shaw of Shaw Advisors

Concept Companies is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Merrie Shaw of Shaw Advisors.  Merrie’s focus as a strategic partner to Concept Companies will be on enhancing the life science ecosystem in Alachua, Florida through collaboration with local businesses and government to create programs and incentives that help drive growth in the biotech sector.  Additionally, Merrie will play an instrumental role in the continued development and operations of Concept Companies’ Momentum Lab project.

Merrie joins the Concept Companies team as a part-time consultant following her retirement in March 2021 after 16 years at the UF Innovate Sid Martin Biotech.  Merrie’s experience in working with biotech startups over the past 16 years is sure to be a great asset to the Alachua biotech community as well as the Concept Companies team.

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