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New Biotech Facility Will Lead Gainesville Innovation (Guide to Greater Gainesville)

Source: Guide to Greater Gainesville

The number of startup biotech companies and advancing technologies in Alachua County continues to grow.  In a field where innovation is limitless, the need for space to grow these startup companies is increasingly important.

A new facility will soon provide this space for startups to grow, expanding the Gainesville research field and economy alongside it.  Concept Companies plans to open Momentum Labs to provide space for startup biotech companies to expand in Gainesville. Startups can lease basic lab equipment from Momentum Labs rather than buying it upfront, which better enables them to reach their potential.

“Our solution, Momentum Labs, will take down some of the barriers so many young companies have difficulty overcoming,” said Brian Crawford, CEO of Concept Companies. “This will also increase the likelihood of these businesses remaining local and adding jobs to our area, especially as they get to that next stage of commercialization.”

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